Virtual robot programming

  • Let the RobFlow-2.6 program run virtually
  • Import virtual measurement objects from CAD-/3D software
  • Virtual start up even before construction of the robot cell is possible
  • Visually present and distribute measurement method for specification
  • Direct transfer of RobFlow-2.6 programs to the actual test cell
  • Automatic adaptation of the program with position change of the measurement object
  • Virtually simulate RobFlow-2.6 programs and execute worldwide on actual robots
  • Subsequently audit the RobFlow-2.6 program virtually
  • Programing training or order programming by Battenberg
  • Applicable for robot cells in the lab and production
  • Increase and capacity of the actual robot
  • High economic efficiency
  • One-time programming work in the supplier chain
  • Virtual start up and simulation
  • Try out new tool before construction
  • Integrating functional digital twin
  • Programing training or order programming by Battenberg

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