Measurement robotics

Robots measure rigidity and buckling strength

  • Robot locates itself for measurement automatically perpendicular to the surface
  • Automatic normal vector even on convex and concave surfaces
  • Influence of the elasticity of the robot arm compensated for during the measurement
  • Rigid reference module for various arm positions available
  • Flexibly reconfigurable for highly precise measurement of the buckling strength
  • Measurement points can be defined virtually (CAD, 3D, digital twin)
  • Robot automatically finds measurement points on actual measurement object (e.g. cockpit)
  • Automatic tool change optional
  • Manual guiding of the robot arm partially possible
  • Reproducible measuring sequence even with changed measurement object position
  • Significant time savings
  • Economical solution
  • Precise measured values through compensation of the robot elasticity
  • Automatic teaching and tool changer
  • Programing training or order programming by Battenberg
  • After-Sales Service sensor calibration and service
  • Integration in lab management systems and production

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