Measurement robotics

Robot assembly & quality testing in production

  • Quality optimized assembly sequences, e.g. highly precise positioning of a component
  • Quality testing in steps during assembly
  • Time-optimized test sequences for finished product EOL
  • Scanner, printer, conveyor systems, etc. can be integrated
  • Simple operator interfaces for workers
  • Automated report creation after each measurement
  • Production control system interface
  • Vector, CAN/LIN bus system interface
  • Real-time control of force/torque sensors and robot movements
  • Measure, analyze, evaluate in one step
  • Continuous identical test method from prototype to finished product
  • High benefits in qualitative high-quality small series production
  • Economical in mass production of high-quality components
  • Programing training or order programming by Battenberg
  • After sales Service sensor calibration and service

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VIDEO OF MEASURMENT ROBOTICS in Assembly & quality testing in production