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Robotic Measuring and Psychophysics

Successful Brand and Quality Politics are Secured by Comprehensive Quality Assessment

…Measurement Robotics and Psychophysics

Is there a significant and provable relationship between the subjective feeling of a car driver and the objective and technical specifications of the vehicle?

Customers more often decide to purchase a product based on it's visual, tactile and acoustic feel than on it's actual measurable technical parameters. The better the functionality and the smaller the perceivable functional differences are between products, the more important the subjective judgements become. They become the only features that allow any kind of differentiation and subsequently influence the customer's choice significantly.

We use psychophysics and experimental psychology to collect the subjective judgements in comprehensive quality assessments. These methods, when analysed appropriately, can be related to physical attributes. When incorporating these results into the assessment, the multidimensional nature of subjective opinions has to be recognised. We use a method well-known in market research called connected associations with the semantic differential which takes this multidimensionality into account.

The results show that it is possible to connect subjective judgements and objective physical attributes forseeably and systematically, and so to be able to make predictions based on the physical attributes about the subjective impressions.

This new method opens up new areas in the quality assessment. It allows optimisation in the following areas: 

  • the process chain
  • the product quality
  • the product differentiation
  • the brand profile and
  • the customer satisfaction