Measurement technologies change. Our quality standards remain.

Objective Gradual Assessment

ROBQ – Objective Gradual Quality Assessment

…Objective Gradual Assessment with ROBQ

In the previously described comprehensive quality assessments, Battenberg Measurement Robotics uses its own ROBQ software.

The conviction that the measurable quality of all attributes can be combined into one single quality figure led to ROBQ's development. After that, the question was to how subjective and objective criteria are connected and if the results for subjective criteria for defined features could be predicted, how to take them into consideration. This single figure can be used to ensure the product quality is consistent across manufacturing locations.

Our solution ROBQ is an assessment and decision-making software system. The central decision tree in the software reflects that human judgement is multi-layered and more complicated than binary yes/no decisions. A fundamental part of the operator flow chart is that objectively measured criteria can be added, adjusted and optimised so the system can simulate a human expert.

… the Quality Figure between 0 and 1 describes the Product Quality

ROBQ aggregates the results of all criteria tested with a selectable function (deviation boundaries) and fuzzy operators in a decision tree to generate a figure between 0 and 1.

The product quality figure describes your product quality transparently. You know the exact quality standard of your product. When all of your product's components have the same standard and are assembled at a central location, then you can be sure your targeted value and impression can be obtained across production facilities.

ROBQ can be locked in the Q-Box. With this Q-Box, the quality across the globe can be assessed and sent back to central quality assurance. 

ROBQ is an assessment and decision making software system.