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Product Development

We develop individual solutions for your measuring tasks

...we are strong not only in the automotive market but also in:



Particularly devices that inform and entertain the user use a high degree of user interaction. These devices demand optimal tests for functionality and user comfort. Our measurement robotics can be used for haptic tests as well as to recognise the visual, electronic and other properties of radio/sound systems, navigations systems, board computers and the combination of these. Our end of line solutions RobEOL are ideal for this.


Communication Technology

For most people mobile communication devices are indispensable, both privately and in business. Smart phones and tablets particularly require objective and precise measurements to ensure optimal quality. Measurement robotics offer a multitude of tests – including in extreme climatic conditions in the climate chamber.


Medical Technology

Medical technology is subject to strict criteria concerning functional, haptical and visual quality. Our measurement robotics are used to provide exact measurements of the operating power required and visual properties on equipment (syringe pumps, infusion pumps and insulin applicators)


Aviation and Aerospace

Alongside tests to prove adherence to strict regulations concerning safety relevant components, other tests are becoming increasingly important in civil aviation. This include the quality of the elements, that are used and operated by passengers. Our measurement robotics provide exact readings of operating power required and other properties for the in-flight audio and video systems, passenger seats and overhead compartments.



The quality demands on optical equipment's adjustment and release mechanisms have become increasingly important. In both sports and camera optics precise and simultaneously pleasant tactile handling are obligatory. Our measurement robotics can offer precise measurements for operating power and other properties for menu buttons and dials, shutter release and lenses on cameras and optical sights.