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Virtual Functional Twin

Functional Digitgal Twin

... Specify prototypes as functional twins and test them virtually

The functional digital twin of an interior component, a vehicle door or a seat is the basis for holistic product development in the virtual world. The aim is to transfer as much of the data as possible directly into real production and testing processes. The current digital engineering does not yet provide a complete solution for mapping functional, physical behavioral models for quality assurance testing processes. With the newly developed Functional Twin from Battenberg ROBOTIC GmbH & Co. KG now virtual testing of virtual, functional interior components in the automotive industry became possible for the first time.Long before the emergence of a real prototype and end product, the test specifications can be mapped virtually and the test procedures of the measurement robot can be programmed. As a virtual prototype, CAD, geometric simulation and mathematical behavioral models into a computer-executable digital model that represents real, physical functions and their mechanisms of action. In the virtual prototyping design process, the Functional Twin simulates the real physical, functional Product behavior of an interior component, e.g. a climate control device. The functional and test specifications can be parameterized, simulated and tested at an early stage. As a Cyber-Physical System (CPS), there is the bidirectional coupling possibility between Functional Twin and real measuring robotics. Virtually generated test functions can be transferred to the real system. Real derivable data, quality results from the test process, errors and maintenance messages can be evaluated in the Functional Twin. The Framework of the Functional Twins is flexible and applicable to many products regardless of industry.