Measurement technologies change. Our quality standards remain.

Global Products

Successful Brand and Quality Politics are Secured by Comprehensive Quality Assessment

…Differentiated Assessments for Global Products

Modern products are generally developed and produced for the global market. A pre-requisite of international success is intensive product quality testing. Battenberg Measurement Robotics offer technology to ensure objective test results which can provide a solid global quality strategy base.

Globalisation has added a further dimension to products: the subjective human judgement. A US customer reaction to a product can be significantly different to that of a German customer. Integrating these differing human perceptions and judgements into product tests presents completely new challenges. It poses new questions in product development and assessment:

  • What are the individual customers expectations from different regions and cultural spheres?
  • Are these expectations measurable?
  • How can subjective feelings be objectified?
  • How does the relationship between the objective assessment and subjective impression influence the product development?
  • Are the subjective perceptions related to the objectifiable quality properties?
  • Is it possible to predict the human perception and judgement of known quality properties?

A new comprehensive quality assessment method has been developed by Battenberg Measurement Robotics which links the subjective physical experience to quantitative and measurable triggers. This approach is based on current findings in psychophysics and has the potential to create a paradigm shift in quality assessment. It opens new possibilities in development, production and sales.