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Door Tests

Door Tests – in Laboratories and in Production Lines

… Do the Doors Shut Properly?

With Battenberg Robotics, a robot can test the door functionality by closing it with a duplicable defined movement whilst various results are monitored by intelligent sensors. These tests are done both in product trials as well as at the end of the production line.

… Closing Energy and Closing Speed

The adaptable power and movement sensors allow the measurement robot to close the door with a defined amount of power or at a certain speed and directly measure the power released. Whilst opening or closing the door, the robot can measure the complete power flow or power door angle curve.

… Door Tests at the End of the Production Line Optimise the Final Test

An interesting application on the production line is a slam door test with a predefined energy and position, e.g. the door is shut from the first door check to verify it has shut properly. Furthermore, the sensors can measure the speed-door angle-curve independently from the whole door movement. This is of particular interest in trials when it is not about the door closing curves, but the minimum energy needed to shut the door at a predefined speed.

... Automated Trial Programming

Instead of having to programme elaborate robotic movement curves, the system can be equipped with intelligent sensors, which learn to replicate a specific door closing movement, reducing it to a fast and simple process.

The position from which the robot should shut the door is marked. The sensors can “see” the marker within their field of vision and calculate the coordinates in the robot's coordination system. This is done for three different open positions, the angle for the measurement robot to shut the door can be defined automatically and directly. The whole process only takes minutes.