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Cockpit Tests

Cockpit Test – Haptics – Optics – Acoustics

...Measurements in the Car Interior

The look and feel, the value and the functionality of the cockpit are very important quality criteria that influence a vehicle's emotional appeal. This significantly influences the decision to buy a car. The quality assurance measurements of all integrated components taken in the vehicle interior are the final milestone in the value chain before the customer can make a decision to buy.

Battenberg Measurement Robotics can be used to comprehensively test the interior quality. If the results match the expectations, then quality assessments have been fulfilled. If not, a comparison with the supplier's end-of-line assessment is made. Transparent results from the measurement robotics allow an informed professional discussion on the cause and solutions to meet the quality goals.

A collaborative robot with seven axled kinematics carries out defined measurement tasks in specific positions in the vehicle interior.


...Mix and Match

The complete range of haptic, visual, acoustic and geometric criteria can be tested in one sequence by a modular multi-sensor robot. The multi-adapter on the robotic hand can accommodate up to seven sensors with following functions:

  • colour camera to identify and measure symbols
  • spectrometer for surface colour tests
  • power and movement sensors to measure the haptics and tactile qualities
  • laser line sensor to measure profiles, gaps and slots
  • acoustics sensor to measure activity acoustics

One particular feature on the robotic hand is intuitive placement of the test positions for the power and movement sensor. A key measurement is the duplicable perpendicular stand on the surface to be tested. An optical measuring head determines the normal vector across the surface with the help of a laser beam, the precise orthogonal alignment and distance to the object to be measured.