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... under extreme conditions

Tests under Extreme Conditions

...The Simulation of Extreme Environments to Ensure Functionality

Reliability and quality tests under extreme climatic conditions are an important part of product development. Battenberg Measurement Robotics can be used in a climate chamber to give transparent and reliable results about the reliability and quality of the functions even under extreme environmental conditions.


...Visualisation in the Climate Chamber

The measurement robot has it's own air conditioning and is covered in an invisible, but imperishable cover to protect it from the extreme temperatures in the climate chamber. This protection renders it impossible to visually record the exact positions of the robot. This makes planning and carrying out the test sequences in the climate chamber more difficult.  To overcome this when programming the robot visualisation software, RobViSu, shows the hinge position in 3D and allows movement simulation.

Often many components have to be positioned in the climate chamber and all have to reachable during one test. RobViSu allows the user to incorporate own test equipment and records into the visualisation (wave format).


...Comparable Results in Differing Conditions

To be able to compare the results from room temperature and the climate chamber, the test sequences have to be identical. This is another advantage of the measurement robots. The test sequences are exchangeable and via a special calibration position deviations can be eliminated, to ensure that the measurement position of both tests is exactly the same.